The natural sciences provide insight into the functioning of the earth’s ecosystems and the extent and degrees to which different types of human activity alter these systems. The social sciences and humanities, on the other hand, provide insight into how to change these activities through the stories we construct about how thing are and how they might be.

This is the essence of environmental studies.

I am a Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of San Francisco committed to the understanding of environmental problems as human problems. All of my work–whether teaching, research or advocacy–builds on this basic understanding. I draw on my particular expertise in sociology, and the social sciences and humanities more broadly, to move society toward equitable and just sustainability transitions.


I am also the founder of Comova Cycling.

Comova Cycling was launched in June 2021 as a way to share my passion for adventure cycling with the public while deepening connections to place and each other by curating and guiding cycling adventures in the extraordinary landscapes of Northern California.

Comova is rooted in the idea that adventure at the speed of bikes can be a sustainable and respectful form of tourism. Our custom cycling trips are designed to take you to unexpected places and provide unforgettable experiences. All expertly curated and planned so you can find freedom, confidence, and connectedness through your cycling adventure. 

Learn more…

WEB: comova.bike 
IG: @comova_cycling
FB: @comovacycling

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