Month: November 2014

Polling attitudes on the “invisible cyclist”

Invisible Cyclist

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the Bike League’s Equity Initiative Manager, Adonia Lugo, for hosting last Friday’s “Equitable Bike Advocacy and the ‘Invisible Cyclist'” webinar. It was a great success and you can listen to the webinar or view a curated collection of #bikes4all tweets from the event here.

The following twitter exchange captures the gist of what the discussion meant for the future of the “invisible cyclist.”

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Counting Bikes

In Friday’s excellent League of American Bicyclists webinar discussing “Equity in Bicycle Advocacy and the ‘invisible cyclist'” (storified nicely here), one topic of discussion was the challenge of counting bicyclists. Although there seemed to be general consensus that the term “invisible cyclist” is either inappropriate and offensive: