I’m a Professor in the Environmental Studies Program and Department of Sociology at the University of San Francisco. I weave together my personal life, research, and teaching with the goal of moving society toward “equitable and just sustainability transitions through social science insight.” This site documents my efforts.

What you’ll find:

The homepage serves as the landing page for this site as well as my personal blog with updates of what I’m working on, ideas I’m thinking about, and my reactions to new research, current events, or other interesting topics.

About Me
This mini-autobiography helps provide some context for how I’ve arrived where I am and why I’ve developed my particular orientation to the work I do.

A more detailed description of the path my research has taken and how the different areas of focus–ecological identity, contested environmental illnesses and health social movements, digital democracy and the environmental movement, and innovations in urban sustainability–relate to one another.

A narrative of the transformation in my approach to teaching environmental issues from social science perspectives. Also includes brief course descriptions and links to wikis and other digital resources I use in teaching.

The CV page is self-explanatory

Features brief descriptions of book projects I’ve worked on.

Invisible Cyclist
Where I blog with Julian Agyeman on issues of equity and justice in the movement to advocate for bicycle transportation as an urban mobility and sustainability goal.

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