Author: Stephen Zavestoski

Equitable and just sustainability transitions through social science insight

What are sustainability experiments? (Part 2 of 2)

Last Wednesday’s seminar at the Finnish Environment Institute on “Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions” engaged with the question of how to bridge the institutional approach to sustainability experiments with the grassroots approach. As summarized in the last two posts about the seminar (see here and here), answering the question first requires the not-so-easy task of defining sustainability experiments. (more…)

What are sustainability experiments? (part 1 of 2)

The seminar on “Sustainability Experiments: Interplay between Institutions and Grassroots,” hosted by the Finnish Environment Institute on October 14, began with provocative remarks by Mikael Hildén, Director of the Climate Change Programme at the Finnish Environment Institute on “cultures of experimentation.”

In opening by pointing to Nobel Prize-winner Elinor Ostrom’s suggestion that all policies can be viewed as experiments with a probability of failure,  (more…)

Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions

I arrived in Finland Tuesday evening for a six-week stay as Visiting Researcher at the Environmental Policy Centre of SYKE (Suomen ympäristökeskus), the Finnish Environment Institute. The head of the Environmental Governance unit of SYKE’s Environmental Policy Centre, Eeva Primmer (@EevaPrimmer), coordinated my visit and timed with my arrival a seminar yesterday on “Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions.” As I’ve described briefly in other posts and on the SEVeN page under the Projects menu, (more…)

What I think about what Millennials think about “The X-Files” #sabbaticaldiaries

The reason “What Millennials think about ‘The X-Files'” became so long is that I began with some reflection on how this sabbatical differs from my last. It’s an important reflection because I’ll be posting about the questions the reflection raises in the future. But I decided to cut it and make “What Millennials think about ‘The X-Files'” more of a teaser. For those who didn’t read it, what you were teased with was the following conversation I overheard between two twenty somethings:  (more…)