Invisible Cyclist

Counting Bikes

In Friday’s excellent League of American Bicyclists webinar discussing “Equity in Bicycle Advocacy and the ‘invisible cyclist'” (storified nicely here), one topic of discussion was the challenge of counting bicyclists. Although there seemed to be general consensus that the term “invisible cyclist” is either inappropriate and offensive:


Can Incomplete Streets Bridge Diversity and Sustainability Studies?

Over the last year or so Julian Agyeman and I have been hard at work putting together the just-released edited volume titled Incomplete Streets: Processes, Practices, Possibilities. So far, the book is getting some pretty good buzz…

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Bicycling and the “Cyclist Identity”: Understanding the “Bikelash”

Our latest post has hit the newsstand, so to speak. If you haven’t followed the fallout from the controversial Washington Post column last week in which Courtland Milloy implies that drivers might be justified in hitting cyclists, then check out our post.