Sustainability Experiments

Sustainability Experimentation Venture Network (SEVeN): Nurturing local knowledge for global change

Next week Pradip Swarnakar and I will be presenting our concept of the Sustainability Experimentation Venture Network (SEVeN) during a conference call of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network’s newly formed network on “Transition Studies in Latin America and Caribbean, Asia & Africa” (LACASAF). As we think this project through and receive feedback on the idea we continue to refine the concept.   (more…)

Introducing “The Sustainability Experiments” series

Having just finished the fifth post reflecting on and analyzing the presentations and discussions of “Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions,” a recent seminar on sustainability experiments at the Finnish Environment Institute, I thought I would group the posts into “The Sustainability Experiments” series. Each entry in the series is linked by its title below, followed by a synopsis and a list of the seminar presentations discussed in the post. The presentations themselves are embedded in the respective posts where they are discussed. (more…)

Bridging grassroots and institutional approaches to sustainability experiments

The triangle model. A bridge between top-down and bottom-up experiments?

The triangle model, introduced in Annuka Berg’s presentation, proposes “experimentation hubs” as a bridge between top-down and bottom-up experiments.

The second half of “Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions,” a seminar hosted by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) on October 14, 2015, featured presentations on top-down approaches to driving sustainability experimentation and the experiences of municipalities as “guinea pigs” for government-initiated experiments. (more…)

What are sustainability experiments? (Part 2 of 2)

Last Wednesday’s seminar at the Finnish Environment Institute on “Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions” engaged with the question of how to bridge the institutional approach to sustainability experiments with the grassroots approach. As summarized in the last two posts about the seminar (see here and here), answering the question first requires the not-so-easy task of defining sustainability experiments. (more…)