Incomplete Streets

Incomplete Streets: Processes, Practices and Possibilities is a book that emerged out of a conversation I had with Julian Agyeman when he visited USF as part of the 2012 Dean’s Lecture Series on “Sustainability and Social Justice.” Our original concept was to begin questioning the assumptions shaping sustainability initiatives happening in cities around the world. The assumption is that sustainability is good and therefore if a project is deemed to enhance sustainability it must be good. We quickly put together a proposal for a book series and Routledge was very enthusiastic based on the reviews of our prospectus. After signing the contract for the book series, we fleshed out the concept for Incomplete Streets. The book integrates the work of urban planners, geographers, sociologists, historians, architects and anthropologists.

I place the book project, though now complete, under “current projects” because it is likely to spin off additional projects.

The book has already spawned a blog (or, the other way around, really): Invisible Cyclist

We also have an idea for a follow-on book looking more broadly at “incomplete cities.”

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