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Shorter showers or pipeline protests? The personal paradox in teaching Environmental Studies

What would you insist that a student taking an introductory environmental studies course learn? When I teach “Environment and Society,” the foundational course in the University of San Francisco’s Environmental Studies Program, I like to offer a final exam that asks students to read Forget Shorter Showers, a piece by Derrick Jensen that appeared in Orion way back in 2009. Then I ask students to critique Jensen’s argument that individuals taking shorter showers is NOT, ultimately, going to solve the environmental crisis. (more…)

A new type of meso-blogging?

Pat Kane uses Posterous, which was shutdown shortly after being bought by twitter in 2012, and tumblr as examples of meso-blogging platforms. The idea is that they are, obviously, more expansive than twitter in terms of character limits but also that they offer a flexibility and fluidity in terms of types of content that can be posted and pathways for posting content. Since 2009, however, when Kane first wrote about meso-blogging in his post Meso-blogging: or, posting between the poles of micro- and macro-blogging, virtually every blogging platform has converged around these same principles. (more…)