A new type of meso-blogging?

Pat Kane uses Posterous, which was shutdown shortly after being bought by twitter in 2012, and tumblr as examples of meso-blogging platforms. The idea is that they are, obviously, more expansive than twitter in terms of character limits but also that they offer a flexibility and fluidity in terms of types of content that can be posted and pathways for posting content. Since 2009, however, when Kane first wrote about meso-blogging in his post Meso-blogging: or, posting between the poles of micro- and macro-blogging, virtually every blogging platform has converged around these same principles. (more…)


Well, I’ve made it to the 21st century and only about 14 years late (assuming that any self-respecting public intellectual should have had a personal website and blog by the turn of the last century). Actually, I have an inactive personal site here, and I’ve blogged previously at the curious stall. So what I really mean is that I finally have a personal site, with an integrated blog, that I can easily manage and keep fresh. (more…)