Current Courses

Note: This semester I’m using Canvas, which unfortunately puts my courses behind password protection. When the syllabi are ready I’ll link them as PDFs for anyone interested and I’m always happy to share more details about my courses and pedagogy. Just ask!

Fall 2017
Environment and Society (ENVA 109)

Methods and Approaches in Environmental Studies (ENVA 355)

Upcoming Courses

Spring 2018

Recent Past Courses

Spring 2017
Environment and Society (ENVA 109) Syl17SZavestoskiENVA10901

Sustainable Cities & Green Gentrification (ENVA 390) Syl17SZavestoskiENVA39001

Nature Immersion (ENVA 285) Syllabus ENVA 285 Sp17

Fall 2016
Making Sense of the Anthropocene: Davies Forum Honors Seminar

Fall 2015-Spring 2016 (Sabbatical)

Fall 2014
Methods and Approaches in Environmental Studies (ENVA 355)

Distant Past Courses

Note: These courses were all administered using wikispaces which USF has now retired which means the links are dead. The course content is archived. Please inquire if you’re interested in seeing details of a course.

Environment and Society (ENVA 109)
Fall 2012
Fall 2011 (Under former course title “Humans & Environmental Change”)
Spring 2010 (Under former course title “Humans & Environmental Change”)

Nature Immersion (ENVA 285)
Fall 2013 (PDF of syllabus)

Globalization, Development and the Environment (MAIS 611)
Spring 2012

Global Environments & Societies (ENVA 320)
Spring 2011
Fall 2007

Environmental Studies Senior Capstone Seminar (ENVA 450)
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Spring 2009

Wilderness Immersion: Sierras to the Sea (ENVA 385)
Summer 2013 (I designed the course; Renee Lertzman and Gretchen Coffman led the course)

Intro to Sociology (SOC 150)
Fall 2011
Fall 2010

Social Research Methods (SOC 308)
Spring 2011

Curriculum Development

2012 Environmental Studies Curriculum Redesign (PDF) (in conjunction with Gerard Kuperus, Co-Director, and Environmental Studies Advisory Board)


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